The Sole and Soul Companion

As we grow old, loneliness grows vast. We begin with the loneliness of a child that occurs when there is a power cut, or when he is separated from his friends and family even for the shortest while. But as the child grows, and he gets all he’s ever wanted; the power supply, the books, the friends, the travels, a great career, etc, loneliness springs its ugly head yet again.

Sometimes, he feels this way as a result of purely sentimental emotion (the feeling of not having a spouse; wanting to be loved by someone other than family). However, other times it’s something more; a feeling that he is the only one in the world that is like him and that understands him the way he does. A feeling that he is the only one that can deal with his life’s battles.

Let’s stop the ‘him’ and bring this right down to you.

It’s you alone, striving to make the best decisions for your life. So you’ve heard many self-development philosophies, and now you’re being a good student by seeing to it that you cannot blame any one else for your life’s choices and what becomes of your future. You know that your parents won’t always pay your bills and somehow, you are going to need to fend for yourself and live with your own decisions. You feel like a time will come when it would seem as though the hands of your family are ‘tied’ and it will become about you dealing with whatever life throws at you. Somehow, you develop a fear not just of the future, but of the past and present too.

This is not the life of a christian though. You need to balance your life out on the truth of God’s word and not on trends and philosophies. God remains your strong tower, Jesus is the author and finisher of your faith. It doesn’t all depend on you and His hands will never be tied. This is not to say that you are to be lazy and careless. It’s to remind you that there will never come a point in your life where you graduate from being God’s dear child. There is no age limit to crying “Abba Father”. Take a pause and remember that He sees you through and relentlessly so. My point is, when you see life beyond your current pressures and into the eyes of the one who brought you into it, you revoke the weight of pressure and begin to see that you are not really alone.

Maybe you never really liked doing things alone, until you learnt by experience that no one in this world would care for you as much as you do. You realised that the world is run by fervent personal ambitions. You feel like you are expected to grow up fast and to learn the art of independence, because dependence will only make you a liability in the long run.

You may be right, because truly, no one has the ability to take on as much tears, worries and cares that you have, as much as Jesus does. He felt the pain and He remembers it. From the beginning, it was He who bore your sins and died for you. No one in the world died for you, and even if someone did  -maybe by donating an organ or at childbirth –  they’re dead and that ends it. They’re gone and  even though you have their organs, you still have to face life alone.

This is the difference: Jesus died, but He rose and now lives, not just on the outside, but inside of you. He is right there and has even given you his Spirit. He draws you to Him, He brings you to the knowledge of Him, that you may find peace even in this troubled world. That you may know, that it’s not all on you; it’s all on Him and he’s happy to have borne it all. Your challenges of today, tomorrow, next week, no matter how complicated, have been overcome 2000 years ago and if you would carry Him along, you cannot but walk in dominion.

Jesus is the anchor of our lives. Many times, I whisper… “Lord, help me”, and I’m delighted to know that someone was waiting for my call and cares enough to answer. He dares you to put your expectations on Him. He dares to say “Follow me, and I will make you…”. He does not merely speak boastful words, He means it and He waits for you to prove Him. He asks you; “Is there anything to difficult for me to do?..” He goes further to say; “do not worry about tomorrow… what you will eat, what you will drink…”. He nudges you to seek a kingdom above the earth rather than the things of the earth. With all of this, you can tell that all He is saying is “Keep your focus on me, and watch what I will do”.

“How can He say all these things? What gives Him this audacity?”, you ask.

Well, it’s very simple. He sees the end from the beginning, because He created both the end and the beginning. He is the overseer of the universe, all that was in it, is in it and would ever be in it.
So yes, you are in charge of your life. Yes, you cannot blame anyone for the outcome of your life. But I dare you to hand that charge over to God’s hands and follow after all He asks you to do. This is the cheat script of life: running the race with Jesus.

With all my love!xx


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