Are You Listening to You?

Most times, what we really need is to give that inner voice some audience. No therapies, massages or extraordinary holidays. Just paying simple attention to your inner voice can make a whole world of difference to the level of stress and pressure you often feel. In today’s fast-paced world, full of distractions and noise, we are increasingly inclined to avoiding stillness and silence. We refuse to pay attention to the things that are really going on in our minds and we lose the courage to confront our thoughts and actions and to correct them as required. We prefer to push our consciences and thoughts aside and would rather go for drinks, go out with friends or watch movies, in the bid to suppress our inner voice and gain a false sense of happiness and comfort. Sometimes we even push those thoughts to other people, so we can build a pity or solidarity party or so they can do the thinking and make the decisions on our behalf. In the long run we end up with a pile of toxic thoughts and attitudes that were never sincerely and impartially addressed.

We need to be mature enough to listen to the things that are really going on in our minds. How do you really feel? What do you really want to do? What are you really doing? What is your life really all about? Why are you where you are? How did your day really go? We should be accountable to our own consciences first. Learn to look inwards and confront what needs to be confronted, correct what needs to be corrected, accept what needs to be accepted, decide what needs to be decided, and above all, let the Holy Spirit help you through. Find the patience to really talk to God and listen to Him everyday. Pour out your heart before Him and ask for His grace to guide you through the path of life. You cannot have both a peaceful and a successful life without the help of the Holy Spirit, his Word and his presence.


2 thoughts on “Are You Listening to You?

  1. ….Why are you where you are? Very great question!!!!!!!

    In the physical, we are where we are now because of where we are in the spiritual. Your location and direction determine your allocation. Where you are spiritually determines what leads you and what leads you determine where you are at the moment.

    Before we can confront what needs to be confronted, we need to live in the Word of God and pray always. Like you said, the Holy Spirit will guide us through.

    We really need to give the true inner voice some audience.

    Thank you for this.

    1. Thank you Chukwuka, for reading and for sharing your thoughts!
      You’re so right on the point that where we are spiritually will inevitably determine our physical realities! May God continue to grant us the grace to apply our hearts unto wisdom in this respect.

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