Serving a God of Maybes?

The more I hear a Christian say “Maybe God didn’t” or “Maybe God did”, the more I wonder if they know anything about their God at all. Truly, we cannot come to fully understand all the works and wonders of God, but the presence of too many ‘maybes’ in a Christian’s life is not a good sign. Most times our confusion of the works of God with the works of the devil or the works of the devil with the works of God is a reflection of our lack of depth in the knowledge and experience of God.

When you don’t understand, do you recourse to a comparative analysis of what happened to someone else, begin to rationalise with your human mind or do you check against the word of God? I believe those who go far with God are those who check their lack of understanding against his word through study and prayer, not those who jump into frivolous assumptions.

For me, my lack of understanding is an opportunity to be yet wiser, to be more discrete and to build my faith. When you don’t know what the source of a problem is, stop looking for microwave answers that lead you to wrong conclusions and erroneous decisions. The answer is to spend time with God in prayer, in silence and in study. I love what Job did when his world came crashing down. Job stayed in God’s presence trying to recount his life, ministry and business with God. He was cross checking his life against God’s word and meditating on what the problem could have been. He STAYED in the PRESENCE OF GOD, waiting for what God would say.

Then came the assumers.

Jobs friends were the great assumers. Drawing up conclusions here and there of what could have been the cause of Job’s calamity. They were very rational in their thinking of what Job did, who God was, and the cause of the calamity that had befallen Job.

To me, the natural mind is the first problem of every Christian because the bible says it simply cannot discern the things of God. The precious Holy Spirit reveals the mysteries of God to us and to stay on the ‘maybe’ side is to lack depth and refuse insight.

No I’m not saying that we ought to throw angry questions at God when things happen. What I’m saying is that God has not hidden himself from us as his dear children. He is our father and if we will seek him with patience and sincerity, we will find Him. And when we find Him, he will show us the root cause and give us a root solution. Through this, we will learn wisdom on how to live our lives and we will come to know him better. We can’t question the works and authority of God, but we can ask him questions and we can ask him for insight. For He himself has said “Ask”.


2 thoughts on “Serving a God of Maybes?

  1. This is a strong message.

    “Those who go far with God are those who check their lack of understanding against his word through study and prayer, not those who jump into frivolous assumptions”.

    At various points in our lives, we live on assumptions. Even those who have discovered their purpose still get discouraged and some times say ‘maybe God did or didn’t’.

    The natural man cannot discern the ways of God.

    The thing is that, to see our hope come alive,
    We must remain in the presence of God.

    Thank you for this piece.

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