Are you a young lady on fire for God or seeking to be on fire for Him? Join the MTR Online Hangout!

MTR Online Hangout provides a platform for young ladies to remain spiritually accountable to one another, drawing strength, encouragement and fire from each other’s knowledge of God’s Word and from one another’s life experiences.

The result is that we should all grow in the confidence to apply the word of God in our daily lives and in the practical decisions and choices we make every day. It is not a church bible study session, it is a bible-life-application vis-a-vis, girls hangout. It’s fun, friendly and confidential, mostly filled with girls from all over the world who love the Lord and want to be strong in Him.

It aims to build confidence in young ladies to always go God’s way by bringing them in contact with other young ladies who are doing the same and more for God, elsewhere. It provides an opportunity for young ladies to share their own fire with other girls who may be going through serious moments of weakness.

God wants to us to arise and be strong in executing his Word wherever we are, and I believe the MTR Online Hangout will help us to hold on to Him as we draw strength and fire from one another! Let’s grow TOGETHER!

To join, please send an email with your name and Skype ID to

Meeting times are every Saturday by 6:00pm UK time/ 1:00pm US time and all meetings are held via Skype (see flier above).